Unicorn Hole And Poopmaster - Side Quest Gaiden [DOWNLOAD WITH BUY LINK]

Unicorn Hole and Poopmaster teamed up to make a new song for Kittycore Volume 3, about a fantastic adventure of Poopmaster the doodoomancer and his loyal ally Sasha the unicorn! Check it out, and make sure to read the lyrics as you go, since the song tells a story!

Unicorn Hole:



into “mayoi no mori” we go
poopmaster and his unicorn lady-bro
friends and allies, a dynamic duo
can we defeat this tricky forest though?
this fabled place they say is hard to pass
like a giant poo, a real pain in the ass
a thief claims your gear, a beast claims your life
or you’re lost forever and some dude claims your wife
we will find our way through this rotten place
find the forest’s bottom bitch and punch him in the face
a stranger approaches, we take arms
but is seems he means no harm
“the thief robbed me, took my things away!
but i’ve a plan, please help me make him pay!”
“sounds good” we say, “it’s your lucky day
if he won’t give it back his guts will spray!”
“for the plan i will need to hold
that sword of yours, such shiny gold
you’ll wait, i’ll walk, he’ll come to steal
you’ll ambush him and seal the deal!”
he takes the sword, we watch him close
and the thief sneaks up for another dose
we drop in, he tries to run away
and crosses a bridge that won’t hold much weight
so we ditch our stuff and we head across
he’s losing us, but he won’t be lost
with a doodoo spell we make him slip
he falls hard enough to break an old man’s hip
“you’re a no-good thief, what have you got to say!?”
he rolls over now, we are confused by his face
“you two lose, the thief just got away!”
the thief and victim are one in the same
“you’ve been fooled by shadow clones!
all your stuff by now is long, long gone!
i have claimed your things today”
then before our eyes the clone fades away
“ahhhh i can’t believe this shit!
we let him get away with it!
no gear, i fear that we’re stuck here”
sasha sheds a single tear
no! there has to be a way
we’ve been lead astray, but we won’t stay
a little later in the clear of calm
poopmaster recalls he had a dookie bomb
with deep focus he detonates it
no pun here, the thief can eat that shit
sasha follows her nose right to the thief
we find him with that-ain’t-chocolate in his teeth
he never had a chance to pull a sword from sheath
before we sent him to the fiery pits beneath
we have found our way through this rotten place
found the forest’s bottom bitch and punched him in the face
mission complete!
we didn’t end up dead, or forever stuck
that dude at the bar totally owes us ten bucks

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